At 2000-2004 We participated project VIEW of The Future, at which, with other Finnish partner VTT, we developed a training program prototype for astronaut training. This product was done for Alenia Spazio, Italy. End users were astronauts from NASA and ESA. The purpose was to train tasks astronauts should do at the International Space Station (ISS). The project was successful and soon after it was completed first astronaut that had been at ISS tested it. He liked the experience and told that the feeling was like being up there.


At 2003-2004, in co-operation with leading partner VTT we participated their project PCVR. During this project there was developed a visualization of ATLAS experiment part of the particle accelerator that was being built to Geneva by CERN. The project was successful and scientists at CERN were happy as it was the first time they were able to see whole setup at once - before that they had only seen parts of the whole with their CAD-programs.

Later at 2008 we did VR brochure-like versions of ATLAS detector, both USB-stick version and web version. We did multiple visualizations of the ATLAS experiment, all with different kind of setups to make whole more understandable, as the machine that was to be visualized, was very large and complex. These different visualizations were possible to be seen at both internet through normal web-browser, as well as with a normal desktop-PC by USB-stick delivered, runable program.


At 2006, in the event by Aronet, Ideaa esityksiin, presented the window to another reality it took much interest from people visiting the event


At 2003-2004, with the PCVR project another subproject was to test using of virtual reality in construction industry, and for that purpose a virtual presentation of Martela building was made. The 3D models are made by Adactive Oy.

Holiday home Fair

At summer of 2006 our exhibition package was at Holiday Home Fair at Koli. The purpose was to present a house for movement-limited people, when there was not possibility to build the actual house for the fair. With our system it was possible to show it in real size, and to experience house in a ways that would not have been possible or easy with real house - with pressing a button, we were able to switch lightning conditions from daylight to nightlight, and by moving our view position to lower levels we were able to view the house from perspective of a child.
Our equipment was there in a tent with hot, dusty air and yet they lasted well for all 3 weeks. Our staff was there also the first week, helping customer's presentation faculty to get known to the equipments.


At 2004, Our system was setup into facilities of Design Museo at Sanomatalo, Helsinki. There people going by were able to virtually walk around in a construction-design through virtual reality. To visualize the difference with traditional, there was a floor plan next to it on the table. The setup was made in co-operation with VTT, and the 3D models were made by Adactive Oy


At 2007 we participated a conference about ITER (international project to design and build an experimental fusion reactor based on the "tokamak" concept) at Nice, France. Our exhibition package was there, giving the stand much publicity - many times the hallway was filled with people.


At 2004 we were giving an invited speech at ECAI 2004 - European Conference on Artificial Intelligence held at Valencia, Spain. The speech was about Adding Intelligence to Virtual Reality. The A.I. side of it was prepared by Ville Kotovirta, VTT. The speech was covering areas how virtual reality could use techniques of A.I. to evolve, or vice versa.
The event was large event and covered much publicity there too. We were happy we could participate and hope to see many of the attendants in the future too.


At 2007-2008 University of Joensuu had a project VIVA - Virtual room in a therapy work with severe hospitalized children. The purpose was to bring virtual reality applications to the child at hospital, and if possible above his/her bed. In here the our exhibition package equipment was used, however during the project it was realized that normal passive-stereo version could not be used as it was not suitable to requirements of hospital room. Luckily, during the project there came first small versions of active stereo-equipment and therefore it was used instead. The project was successful, and made many children happy.

There have been some articles about this:
Karjalan Heili

Unfortunately other media links have become unavailable. We hope that the link above anyway gives good picture of the project.


At 2005 we were visiting IVR 2005 at the booth of our reseller at Japan, Nihon Binary. The fair was held at Tokyo

US Department of Defense

At 2007 we were participating with U.S. Department of Defense in their project Emerging Technology pilot. Later at 2008 we also participated Emerging Technologies for Defense Applications at Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City. There we presented some of our solutions and also participated in panel discussion about augmented reality possibilities.