astronautti Patric Forrester, he had been working at International Space Station and thus was the first astronaut testing the system.

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In space there is no gravity, and thus to complete certain tasks - even the most simplest ones - can be much different from how they would be completed on earth surface. Also, astronauts are there by themselves and expert help might come only through radio - they need to do all tasks themselves. Since there is a lot of complex machinery at a space station and overall in space industry, it means that a  huge amount of education is to be delivered to the astronauts before they can be sent to space or work with the real instruments.

Any education that can be experience based makes learning much better. This kind of experience based training can be achieved with our virtual- and augmented reality products. We can even create the virtual version of zero gravity surroundings so that the user may have a realistic feeling of the working enviroment at the space station. This also reduces the time needed for education as well as minimizes place-based training needs and equipment damage trough human mistakes. Part of the education can be done also at space, which cuts the resources needed before the spaceflight. We can install these simulators at the customers desired location so that training can be performed where ever needed. Some products are mobile so they can easily travel with the astronaut trainee.


Beside training, our tools can give much needed help in hazardous places, like maintenance help or other guidance - even when there is no other help available or when the person is not trained for the task (i.e. to fix certain machinery).


 Please see the following videos about one of our astronaut training tools.


At Finnish MTV3 news, telling about our astronaut training system built to Alenia Spazio for use in training of astronauts at NASA, ESA and such.


Astronaut testing the system at facilities of Alenia Spazio, Torino Italy. At the end of video Rocco from Alenia testing the system.