cernTesting design system built for CERNIndustry has multiple benefits from using our products, some of which are listed below.

As one example there is ARmaintenance -tool:

  • Maintenance operations can be completed in much less time
  • Number of mistakes at maintenance operations can be minimized
  • In hazardous areas both of the above means also better health for workers
  • ... lot of other good possibilities!
  • See demonstration below with video and description!



iter 300x446Visiting conference and construction site at southern France about ITER, last fusion reactor prototype to be built before commercial production.

As another exmple, we can do visualisations and simulations:

  • Build 3D version of certain structure, machine, area etc
  • Simulate its usage and see simulated results, or visualize how it works to better educate users
  • Build attractive visualisations to be shown and exhibitions and conferences
  • In large size (CAVE-like surroundings) or in small size (computer game-like environment - one PC)
  • Can be used for education purposes, advertising purposes, research purposes etc
  • ... lot of good possibilities!



 Some other possibilities we offer include such as

  • Rescue tool for emergencies
  • Marketing tools for facility visitor groups, exhibition visitors and home users
  • Design tool for engineers and designers
  • .. lot of good possibilities!